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In house workshops

In-house workshops are half-day or all-day, depending on your needs, and normally have between six and fifteen participants. Depending on your preferred fee scale, one or two tutors will deliver the workshop. Below are the areas that are most commonly requested by clients. A three-hour workshop would typically include two or three of these topics. We can also provide training on any aspect of workplace writing which is specific to your organisation.

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Public Sector


Who do you want to engage? What image do you want to project? How do you find your audience and communicate your message in a way that will keep them on your side? Participants experiment with different voices and tones, developing techniques to build a compelling and sustainable on-line presence.
Business / Corporate Language
There’s a huge difference between appropriate, formal language and cliché-stuffed jargonese. Learn how to construct clear, compelling prose which gets your message across and reflects your professional standing.
Business Narratives
Narratives define who we are and what we do. Organisations need stories that clearly explain why they exist, what they represent and where they are going. We show you how to define your story and make it memorable by weaving your USP and other stand-out elements, into a coherent narrative that will draw your audience in.
Case Recording and Note Taking
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you have to collect and collate. This workshop session teaches you how to analyse information as you record it to make strategic, concise and accurate notes. We also demonstrate how to identify relevance and priority so that you can put what matters first.
Clarity, Concision and Effectiveness
Clear, accurate writing which gets your message across without repetition or unnecessary length and complexity is effective communication. Simple does not equal simplistic. However complicated, however subtle, Writing Project can show you how to express your concepts in a way that connects with your audience.
Court Reports
Court Reports that are factual, accurate and authoritative are much more likely to secure the desired outcome than those which are muddled, hesitant or repetitive. We will take you through practical exercises which will boost your formal writing style.
Better drafts save precious time. We use examples from your organisation and writing generated in the workshop to illustrate practical techniques for effective editing. Learn to re-structure, summarise and write documents your target audience will want to read and act upon.
Casual and friendly? Precise and official? Somewhere in between? Participants learn how to set the right tone in emails, whether in-house or external. We explore language register, how to establish authority and show tact in responses, and how to self-edit before hitting ‘send’.
Engaging an Audience
Knowing your audience is crucial for clear, direct and concise communication with the people you want to influence. Participants learn key writing and editing skills which boost confidence and help them shape their messages for different clients/stakeholders.
Establishing a House Style
Do all your team speak the same language? Do you have a recognisable house style and is it consistent across all your written collateral? Writing Project can help you evolve your own, unique voice which will confer coherence on all your public-facing documents and make you stand out in the marketplace.
Executive Summary
Executive Summaries are at the heart of most tenders. They establish credibility, identify a problem and propose a solution – all within a very few words. Writing Project will guide you through exercises which show you how to master the art of writing Executive Summaries that achieve their purpose.
Funding / Application Bid
If you’re seeking funding, this workshop will help you create powerful and effective bids, proposals and letters to potential sponsors. We start with understanding the process; written communication skills are then honed and polished through attention to structure, clarity of intention and imaginative ways to engage different audiences.
Local Press Articles
Local newspapers are sometimes hard-pressed to fill column inches. It’s relatively simple to prepare a short article about some new aspect of your business venture and gain free publicity through publication. Writing Project can show you how to construct a template you can use again and again.
Accurate, effective minutes are a crucial record in organisations that are publicly funded. Taking and writing minutes can feel overwhelming, especially when complicated or sensitive matters are under discussion. We can give you practical tips to cope with the mass of detail and identify, prioritise and express critical information.
Pitching is a vital area of business. If you can’t express your brilliant idea in a concise, dynamic form, you may struggle to secure backing or funding. Writing Project will help you identify your key elements and structure your argument in a vivid, compelling format that can be adapted for different uses.
Powerful Paragraphs
Paragraphs are the building blocks of competent writing, conveying single units of thought and connecting seamlessly with each other. We’ll show you how to construct paragraphs which both pull their weight and pack a punch!
Press Releases
Snappy, factual, story-driven: press releases must be all these things if they are to grab attention. We help you to identify your core message, craft punchy headlines, and construct press releases that the media will want to publish.
Iff yuor words are fule of errorrs, it don’t mater how good they are, them wont do the job their ment to do. We will give you practical tips on how to sharpen up your proofreading so your presentation never lets you down.
Report Writing
Reports are at the heart of countless organisations. They determine the actions – or lack of action – that affect thousands of people in the workplace and wider community every day of the year. Writing Project will put you in the mind of the reader and demonstrate how to construct reports that achieve their intended aim.
Responding to Complaints
If your organisation is going through a particularly trying time, you might want to invest in a Writing Project workshop. We’ll show you how to turn a negative situation into an opportunity to improve both customer relations and the skills of your workforce.
Social Media
Is your social media content lacklustre? Do you struggle to convey your message in a constrained format? We can help you identify your core message and produce dynamic content that works across all platforms.
Website Content
Your website is your window on the world. It has to reflect who you are. We’ll help you fine-tune public-facing documents to attract and win over your target audience. Using your organisation’s existing material, we’ll show you how to hone your style to support and develop your brand.
Women and the Language of Power
How do men and women write differently? In this workshop we compare the strengths of different ways of communicating and consider how to devise a clearer, more authoritative writing style that delivers the intended message with power and economy.
Writing Convincingly About Your Art
In this lively half-day workshop you’ll explore new ways to describe your art clearly and convincingly in order to generate interest in your work. The descriptions you create can be used in artists’ statements, gallery descriptions or grant applications – or in simply talking about your practice.
Writing for Low Reading Ages
If your department serves clients with a low reading age, it’s crucial that your communication is direct and comprehensible. As an example, passive voice text can be particularly problematic for people who find reading challenging. We will demonstrate techniques to make your writing accessible for all target groups.
Writing in Plain English
The pace of modern life is fast, sometimes frenetic. If your target audience has to spend time deciphering your meaning, chances are they’ll choose to move speedily along. A Writing Project workshop will guide you through exercises to make your words clear, concise and comprehensible. Because reading shouldn’t be hard work.